Dress Code

Please adhere to our expected standard of dress which is as follows:

On the Course

What is Acceptable √

• Appropriate golfing attire including suitable golf trousers and collared shirts. (cropped golf trousers and collarless polo shirts of recognised golf manufacturers are permitted)

• Shirts must always be tucked within trouser waistbands.

• Tailored golf shorts.

• Golf Hoodies – Only those of recognised golfwear manufacturers.

• Golf shoes must always be worn on the course when playing.

• Golf hats must be worn in the manner intended.

What is NOT Acceptable X

• Collarless tops/t-shirts.

• Non-golfing trousers e.g., tracksuit bottoms, non-tailored shorts e.g., cargo
shorts etc.

• Trainers and non-golfing shoes.

• Workwear
In the Clubhouse

What is Acceptable √

• Casual dress is permitted but must be clean and smart in appearance.

• Jeans may be worn but must be clean, in good condition and not frayed,
ripped or bleached.

• Golf Hoodies – only those of recognised golfwear manufacturers.

• Trainers may be worn but they must be clean and in good condition.

• Tailored golf shorts may be worn between 1st April and 30th September.

What is NOT Acceptable X

• T-shirts/collarless tops, rugby/football tops

• Caps and hats.

• Soft Spike/Spikeless golf shoes should not be worn within the main
lounges/dining room. However, they may be worn in the Dirty Bar which is accessible from both the main foyer and outside seating area. (please remove any debris from footwear before entering the clubhouse)

• Outerwear e.g., waterproof jackets and trousers.

Soiled clothing / Workwear